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How to Make the Perfect Password in Six Easy Steps

With the dawn of the Internet and the lightning speed of technology, the need for passwords is growing every day. Many people can't log in to email, get into their home, or even look at their smart phone without a password. Creating a safe and reliable password does present its challenges since you want to keep your information safe while still having a password that you can easily remember. Here are six easy pointers that will keep your information safe when choosing a password.

  1. Avoid obvious numbers and biographical information. We know you love your dog Spot. As a matter of fact, everyone might know that you love your dog Spot, including those that want to view your personal information. Also avoid simple passwords like "12345" or "abcdef."
  2. Avoid simple dictionary words. You should never use single words as a password, especially if it is associated with whatever website you are trying to log into. For instance, if you are logging into your credit card account, it would be wrong to set your password as "credit card" or "money." Moreover, many passwords are case sensitive, and top security companies suggest adding in numbers, special characters, and upper-case letters to fortify your password. In essence, a crook will have a harder time guessing "Money17!" than "money."  Don’t forget you can always use a password generator; just make sure you write the password down.
  3. Write your password down. Write it down and keep it in a safe place. You most likely have a safe, locked drawer, or other place you keep sensitive documents, so why not keep a hard copy of your password? This way you will avoid annoying password resets and you will always have safe and easy access to your password.
  4. Do not, under and circumstance, tell anyone your password. Secrets are hard to keep, but sometimes they are better off that way. The same can be said for your password. Even if you share your password with someone you can trust, he or she may inadvertently give it to someone who is up to no good.
  5. Install anti-virus software no your computer. Anti-virus software is free and can do wonders for the speed and performance of your computer. Not only this program will optimize your computer, but it will also search and remove malicious software programs like adware and Trojan horses, which are prime weapons in the arsenal of an identity thief.
  6. One password is never enough. First of all, you should never, ever, ever have one blanket password for all of your accounts. Many times one or two accounts won't have enough personal information to get a fraudulent loan, or steal an identity. However, if a thief has access to all of your accounts then you are in big trouble. And if one of your accounts does get hacked, you will know which password, and therefore potentially which person, may have stolen your information. You should also change your passwords several times a year. This may sound inconvenient, but it is not nearly as annoying as calling up your credit card companies, canceling your accounts, and filing a police report.
  7. *Bonus Tip* Secure the home front. Many people believe they live in a safe area but fall victim to a quick theft.  Even the safest areas are often easy prey for a thief with a well trained eye.  A smart thief will track your area for a short period of time, get a good idea of the different houses and their schedules, and strategically pick the house they want to rob. The first item these thieves look for are jewelry and electronics.  Thieves know that your computer is filled with valuable information. Visit websites such as which has a ton of great info about home security plans, and a number of plans an affordable price.

You should have the best passwords for your computer, cell phones, and home security systems. These items are the Holy Grail for identity thieves and hackers. So follow these simple tips and your information will remain safe.

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