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Protecting Folders on Network Drives

Password Protect USB lets you protect and unprotect folders over the network. Install the program on the computers in your network (local workstations), not the server. Click here to download the free trial version of Password Protect USB.

If you have Password Protect installed on your computer, you are prompted for the password when you double-click a protected folder. If the password is correct, the folder is unprotected and you can use the files in the folder. If Password Protect is not installed on your computer, you cannot open protected folders.

When you password-protect a folder on a network drive (over the network), the folder is not copy-protected and can be accessed from any computer in the network.

When you password-protect a folder on your internal hard drive, the folder is copy-protected and cannot be accessed over the network. You need to turn copy-protection off on your computer to let network users access password-protected folders:

  1. Close Password Protect if it is running.
  2. Click the Start button in the lower left corner of your screen and select Programs > Password Protect USB > Password Protect USB Settings.
  3. Select the "Let me unlock protected folders over the network" check box.
  4. Click the Close button.

After that you can access protected folders over the network. Please note: when the folder is unprotected, it does not differ from other folders on your computer and other users who have enough rights in your network can access it.

How do I order Password Protect USB?

You need a license for each drive you install the full version of Password Protect USB on.

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1 $39.95 Click here to order
2-5 $34.95 Click here to order
6 and above $29.95 Click here to order
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